It's the time of the year for copious bar-dropping.  JAG WAR and CEASEFIRE a.k.a. CEASE2EXIST  of IMMORTAL EMPIRE bring it back down to the ominous Southern California sound on DROP BARS.  The track smells like OG Kush and Platinum Cookies that get disparaged but still smoked.  Produced by El Paso's own AIKER METATRON.  Check out this track and many more on the upcoming METAMORPHOSIS compilation album.


From the mountains of the Pacific Northwest comes the latest album by SMOKE.  Known as a staple on both the rapping and production fronts of hip hop conglomerate OLDOMINION, Smoke gathers the best of the crew to assist him on ALL YOUR FRIENDS FRIENDS.  Highlight tracks include the tinkling "Real Life Game" featuring THE CHICHARONES and the thumping bass-driven grooves of "Blackfist Broken Font" featuring NYQWIL. 



It's a triple birthday for our very own multiple personality-having Alaska transplant.  THE PHILOSOPHER, a.k.a. SHITHEAD STANLEY a.k.a. KHELLY MOORE celebrates another year on this earth.  With this new year comes new developments.  Khellys home team from Salt Lake, HI have joined him in relocating to Alaska.  Expect some hard-hitting experimental Hawaiian collaborative rap, as jolting as a line of Adderal mixed with cocaine cut with meth with a Buzz Ball to counteract the drip.  From all of us,  happy birthday Mr. Moore.  Here's to the wins of the future!

AuthorJ Yamamoto



"Golden Terlets" is a mix of new(ish) raps, traps, rocks, 'lectros, etc. for those who are #blessed with shmoney to blow but practical enough to flex with functionality.  With 7 songs in the mix, Young Thug is the star of the show.  Some notable. non-Thugger tracks include: Christian Rich's remix of Childish Gambino's "Crawl", Hunns' "All The Way", and DJ Snake's remix of ILoveMakonnen's "Club Goin Up On ATuesday".  The weirdest point of this really weird mix is Willow Smith's surreal cover of King Krule's "Easy Easy".  "Golden Terlets" is best used as a temporary escape from your mind-numbing existence or as the elevator music in elevator fights...but that's none of my business.  

AuthorJ Yamamoto